15 times an actress without makeup nailed the natural look

15 times an actress without makeup nailed the natural look

People do claim that all the actresses out there look beautiful and attractive due to makeup and cosmetics. It is widely known that these superstars do use makeups to get the best out of them but to underrate them on the basis of this fact and claim that these are not natural beauties then you have got wrong here. All of them are some of the best creations god made, and even without makeup you can’t take your eyes off them. Even the way they style and present themselves even without makeup is very attractive. 

In this article, we will be discussing about 15 different incidents when actresses showed that they could nail in their natural look too-

1. When Anushka slays it she does it in style- Seeing Anushka Sharma with a heavy makeup is a very rare incident. She likes to wear up a very little of makeup and most of the time you get to see the real magical beauty of Anushka Sharma. When she is seen without makeup you can appreciate how beautiful gifts nature has bestowed upon her.  On a special, she likes to keep her skin very well maintained, which gives her the glow people look for by spending thousands on cosmetics. Her skin complexion is brilliant, and one can always say Anushka is always ready to go.

2. You can’t leave Deepika Padukone out of this list- The Deepika Padukone can’t be underestimated on the terms of beauty. The Bollywood queen is one of the best in the industry, and she has worked for some of the greatest movies. Most of her movies contain heavy makeup and dresses, and she gets laden up with ornaments in most of them. All these combined gives a wonderful look to the lady. But she also gets spotted a lot on her social accounts with hubby and the morning look seems a piece of beauty. Deepika proudly wears her skin tone, and the confidence she has over her body makes it great.

3. If prettiness had a scale, Alia Bhatt would be the limit- the young Bollywood girl is famous for her childish and fun-loving attitude in the industry. She is one of the most charming and beautiful characters seen in the industry. In a very early age, the star kid gained tremendous popularity due to her acting skills and the natural beauty she carries. She never is seen with loads of makeup over her skin. The actress follows a very strict diet which is the actual reason for the beautiful curvy figure she carries. She is one of the craziest spirits, and people have spotted the young lady in town without any makeup often during Gym sessions and jogging on the streets.

4. Be confident, be like Sonam Kapoor- the old Bollywood queen is one of the biggest stars, and she wears her style confidently. The beauty is often seen enjoying and shopping in the city malls, and most of the time, she likes to be in style without lots of makeups. Her no-filter makeup is brilliant, and the black shades give a perfect look at her natural beauty. Moreover, Sonam has always been very bold, and this is seen in her dresses and stying.

5. Hollywood or Bollywood Priyanka always make the best out of her style- 

The boss lady Prianka Chopra has shown it before to all of us that she is so beautiful that even the title of Miss world is less for. The actress made her way from Bollywood to Hollywood, and wherever she went, she never made harmful chemicals take over her natural look. She is seen of many magazines and posters throughout the world, and she uses her ways to look beautiful.

6. Bebo can’t be left out of this list- Kareena Kapoor is one of the greatest actresses Bollywood has seen. She is a health freak, and she always likes to keep that curvy body fit. She is often seen in Gyms working out hard, and we wonder that how can someone look so pretty even after a heavy work out session. Her looks are natural, and Bebo really likes to keep walking confidently.

7. Being like Katrina is not that easy- 

The stylish Katrina kaif is always a correct example of how beautiful one can look without any cosmetics. She is often seen with her stylists on the sets and the beautiful natural look when combined with those makeups can make anyone fall in love with that face. Though Katrina is often seen without any makeup and her beauty is seen as the best in Bollywood. One of the best movies of her career was Zindagi na Milegi Dobara, and she slayed her style in the movie. Reports claim that Kat did not use any special makeups on her skin for the movie. If you see the girl throughout the movie, you will be amazed at how beautiful someone could be without makeups.

8. Kapoors never let their standards down, and so does Shradha Kapoor- She is another health freak in the industry, and her skin tone is absolutely awesome. Shradha follows a strict diet, and she can be seen following throughout the day. Seeing her diet can scare you off and can tell you the struggle one goes through for such a body. The girl uses makeups to beautify herself, but that does not mean you can judge Shradha on her natural looks. She is seen sometimes randomly on the streets as you won’t find a more charming and happy soul than her.

9. Jacqueline Fernandes, the name speaks it all- literally, the actress never had been spotted without makeup, or you can say it a possibility that she never uses it. The sweet face and the skin tone as white as milk makes her look beautiful.  Her beauty is so naturally exaggerated that she doesn’t need any extra thing on her face. The girl looks so pretty that she even doesn’t need a pinch of toning powder on her face. She is one among those individuals that have made into the industry all on her talent, and her natural beauty is one among the many factors that took her to this point.

10. Old is every time gold, and so is Madhuri- if you are a Bollywood fan, then you just cannot ignore the legendry heroine of the golden Bollywood period Madhuri Dixit. She seems to have stopped ageing and still carries the same glare as she did have years ago. The no makeup look is absolutely gorgeous and worth mentioning in the list.

11. Don’t forget the face of Indian serials, Hina khan- she made into the industry with struggle, and her talent and beauty helped her out to make her dreams come alive. This girl has never been under those high makeups and cosmetics so most of the time Hina is all about her natural beauty which actually is great.

12. Take a chill pill and follow Kajol- One of the freest spirits in Bollywood with brilliant face cuts. Kajol has been in the industry for more than 20 years, and still, now she hasn’t lost her charm. She is great with her natural looks and still looks amazing that lots of other young ladies out there.

13. Next up can make things hot as its Sunny Leone- She switched careers and everywhere she played an act she did it great. Sunny in personal life has a cute family, and she comes out to have fun a lot of times, hence gets spotted easily. It’s almost never we have seen her full of makeup. She is all about her natural look.

14. Kajal Agarwal, the Sothern beauty- 

She is blessed with healthy skin and a curvy body. She did hard work in the south Indian industry and made her way to Bollywood. The sexy looks and the charming natural skin is all her specialities.

15. A charm to Watch is Sara Ali Khan- she went through so much and lost a lot of weight to get her position in the industry. She has a beautiful natural look, and she is proud of it.

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