Best Roblox Games to Play in 2020

Every person ranging from children to adults is crazy about gaming. A good gaming experience requires a good platform to start with. Therefore, it becomes essential to choose a platform that ensures a flawless and impeccable gaming experience. One such platform is Roblox. This is one of the most flawless platforms for the person who is a gaming freak. It offers a huge collection of games that are otherwise not available on other platforms. Therefore, this blog post especially summarizes the entire gamut of games that are available on this platform for the users. The users can either play them online or can download them on their mobiles or tablets. This will be extremely beneficial to the new users who have just started using this platform. This is because of the reason that this platform hosts around more than 10 zillion games. 


There goes the list:

Booga Booga

Booga Booga is one of the most downloaded games on the web, especially at the Roblox platform. This game is a look-alike of Minecraft. This is one of the most exciting applications that the gaming freaks are crazy about. The theme of the game is survival. This game is all about killings, murders, survivals, and unraveling the dark secrets of humanity. The users get an option to design their deadly weapons. These weapons have the capacity to destroy the world out there. 

Mad City 

This is another interesting game on the platform of Roblox. This version is completely skin to that of GTA VICE City, the game that throbbed the hearts of various users. This game as the name suggests is completely insane. The user gets the option to disguise as a police and a criminal and accordingly allocate their respective roles. This game is sheer addiction. This game too provides the user with the option of designing deadly weapons.

Phantom Forces

Another one is the list is Phantom Forces. This is one of the most loved thriller games. This is very simple to play. This game takes after the all-time favorite game, known other than PUBG. This is also one of the reasons why it becomes easier to understand for the Indian Audience especially. The success in these games spends on the thriller skills a person is imbibed with. Apart from that, there are instances wherein this game unravels various hidden tasks, thereby enhancing the level of curiosity in the game. 

Ghost Simulator 

This game has a horrific theme. The user gets an opportunity to unravel the adventurous tournaments. These basically include instances like camping, trekking, forest fires, desert hunt, etc. this can at times become a bit scary. This game has the option of combined playing. Therefore, this enables users to play in a group with their friends. Overall, this game is extremely wonderful. 

Vehicle Simulator

This is one of the best car racing game which is available the Roblox platform. This ensures that the person who is playing the game gets so deeply engrossed in this. Apart from thta, this game gives the feeling as if a real car is being driven by the user. The game provides various options for the players to choose amongst the wide range of cars available. Therefore, this game is a perfect substitute for the real-life driving experience. It also enables the winner to earn awards in the form of cash coupons and vouchers, hence making it more thrilling. 


This is another famous game which is available on the platform of Roblox. This game also takes after the famous game of Overwatch. This game is completely mechanical in nature. Therefore, it might prove to be a bit difficult for new beginners. Apart from that, this game is extremely interesting to play. This enables the player to connect with his friends and hence play the game in a group. This enhances the thrill and joy of the game. This game is entirely based on the principle pf war wherein the player is required to defeat his enemy by attacking over the weak zones. 

BMX Simulator

This game is also available on the platform of Roblox. This game is essentially based on the performance of stunts. The game provides the users with an extremely new agenda of performing stunts which may be helpful in defending the player from his enemies. The theme of the game is set in such challenging locations. This enables the player to use his acumen in order to narrow down upon a single stunt to wriggle out of the particular location. Overall, it is a simple game to play.


This game is available on the platform of Roblox and is extremely famous. This game is created on the same theme as that of Fortnite. This game enables the player to generate the location and set up of a war wherein the player would be equipped with his arsenal. This enables the person to play in a group, with one group being attacking and the other one is defending. This game is a good past time activity, especially in groups. 

Murder Mystery 2

As the name suggests, this game is one of the most serious and professional games of the web. Apart from that, this game is themed on murder and solving its mysteries. The plot of the game is based on the fictional set up wherein a murder has been committed. The player is usually deemed to be the detective. The main task of the player to find clues and assemble them to jump to a relevant conclusion. This enables him to solve the case. A victory in this process provides the player with a bonus which may include extra chances, tools, etc.  This is an extremely interesting game.


This is another in the list of being the most interesting game. This game is solely based on the theme of crimes. However, this game has been designed from the perspective of the prisoner and not from that of the police. This game has the default theme location of jail wherein a prisoner is trapped behind the bars. The player is a prisoner who has to devise some new tricks and methods to counter the situation. The player has to use all his wits to escape from jail. In the case of success, the player is awarded the bonus points, in the event of being caught by the police, the player has to lose the already earned points. 

Bad Business 

This platform of Roblox has also this game fo Bad Business. This game is also very interesting. This is famous amongst the users to a large extent. This game allows users to depend on a large amount of graphics and soundtracks. This game has also various themes. It gives the player the choice to choose from them any one of his choices. The maps are very easy to operate in this game.

Work at a Pizza Place

This game is very interesting. The theme upon which it is based is upon cooking and running a restaurant. The player becomes the chef whose main task is to serve the customers by providing them with the dishes they order. Apart from that, it is somehow all virtual but gives the satisfaction of running a real-time pizza shop. The game also as various recipes that enable the player to cook different dishes and serve the customers.


This is one of the most famous shooting game which Roblox has. This game enables the player to become a shooter and then mark his targets. The game provides a number of weapons to the player. The player has the liberty to choose from these weapons. The quality of these weapons keeps on increasing with the increasing levels. The player is expected to defeat all the enemies. and earn more valuable points. These points help the player to enhance the quality of the weapons and fight more efficiently. This is one of the most played games on Roblox. 



Therefore, gaming plays a vital role in refreshing the mind of the players. Therefore it becomes important to play those games which are a perfect fit for your personality. Hence, this blog post will play a vital role in ensuring that the player plays the game of his taste and does not randomly waste his time over the games he has no interest in. This will surely enhance the gaming experience of the person.

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