Lower body moves to strengthen quad muscles without equipment

Lower body moves to strengthen quad muscles without equipment

Quadriceps muscles are the ones present in the thighs and they form one of the major muscle groups that volunteer your internal fitness. Your fitness goals might be anything, but strengthening the legs is always the first step. Consequently, the person becomes fit for performing daily cardio, which is again great to shed off cellulite. Stronger and flexible hams and quads are virtuous in innumerable ways. And here we bring our readers 10 amazing moves that can incredibly strengthen quadriceps muscles, which is almost synonymous with amazing lower body fitness. So let us head on to the pointers which are enlisted below.

Top 10 lower body moves

1. Leg raises

Leg raises

If you have never been to the gym or never tried out even making it to exercise in a day, then you are a beginner and you cannot directly jump to complex exercises. And you can start from this very exercise. Leg raises are simple beginner-level exercise and you can ace them within a week. Once you are comfortable with fair counts of leg raises, only then you can start trying other exercises which are comparatively difficult. For this, you first need to lie straight on your back with your legs straight. And then, try lifting both the legs together towards the ceiling until your butt is off the floor and then bring the legs back to the floor on rest. Keep doing reps of the same.

2. Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers

The mountain climbers are for beginners too. But that does not imply that doing them is easy. But this is a special move which is a must-do for all the beginners. Because it does not just take care of the quad muscles but it also works effectively on the core. To do this, lay your body flat on the floor on your stomach and then lift your body with the help of your toes and hands. Then try to bring the right knee towards your left hand and vice versa. Keep repeating it and be fast to get better results.

3. Static Squats

Static Squats

This is leveled as an intermediate level of quadriceps muscle move. You need no weight for this, yet, there is an amazing toning of your quad muscles while you do this. This is another basic of lower body fitness which is not just beneficial for the quad muscles but also for the hams and calf muscles. For this, you need to stand straight with legs parted with hip-width. Make sure that your core muscles are tightened well. Lower down as if you are sitting in a chair and then come back to the initial posture. Keep doing reps of it.

4. Side lunge

Side lunge

This is a owe body exercise that activity levels up the stability, balance, and strength in you all at a time. So, now the efforts for it appears a fair deal! The quad muscles are nicely tones and the strength in them is empowered with enough repetitions of side lunges. For doing this, one needs to stand tall with legs parted to hip’s width. Take wide steps to one side and push your knee forward so that the hips automatically gets pushed back. And then get back to the initial positions. Keep doing reps of it on either side, alternatively.

5. One leg squats

One leg squats

There are numerous variations of squats that bring more strength to the lower muscle and the toning of quad muscle is another takeaway. A simple static squat is also an effective form of workout, but once you have mastered that, you need to level it up with variations of it. Before revealing the steps a major tip for this move would be- keep the core engaged well to get better results. To do this, stand straight with legs parted to hips-width. Live your leg in an outward motion stiffly and lower your body with the help of your static leg which is resting on the floor. Tighten the glutes of the same leg to get back to the initial position. Keep doing the reps of it alternatively for either side.

6. Step-Ups


Step-ups are the perfect way to strengthen your legs, tone the quad muscles, and above all shedding off calories. The faster, the better. One must also aim at doing it for a longer duration. To do it you can take the help of a stiff and labeled stone if you are outdoors or even a strong tool for that matter. Stand with legs parted to hips-width and then put your right leg first on the tool, followed by the left leg, and then get your legs off the tool, one by one. Do this fast and you would realize how difficult it is? It is a major move that uses body weight to strengthen the legs.

7. Glute Bridge

Glute Bridge

This is another move that not just strengthens the quads and hams but also work miracles to relieve or prevent acquiring backaches. This makes the body flexible and the tightened glutes are worth putting all effort into it. This also works miraculously for the calf muscles. To do this, one needs to lie down straight on their back with their foot flat on the floor. And then try uplifting your upper body which involves your hip and waist and feel the stretch on your quads and calf muscles. Try to hold on to the position as much as you can and then slowly put your body back to the floor straight. 

8. Curtsy Lunges

urtsy Lunges

The gluteus medius is known to be one of the major lower body muscles that come to play in leveling up the balance and stability in the body. The curtsy lunges work on the same muscle. And no doubt, the quad muscle also is benefitted from this move. To do this one needs to stand straight with legs parted to hips-width. Draw a semi-circle with your right leg, and lunge down when the leg reaches right at the back of the left foot. Do the reps alternatively for each side. Clasp your hands and hold it across your abdomen to make a perfect balance.

9. Jump Squats

Jump Squats

Jump squats involve two exercises, jumping, and squats. Both are fused to one, to make it more effective. It works on the energy levels of an individual and is a major workout that can be done to shed off the extra weight. To do this, stand straight on the floors with legs parted to the width of hips. Then jump followed by squats. Do repeat the exercise to see the miraculous result on the quad muscles especially.

10. Walking Lunges

Walking Lunges

This is another variation of lunges that work amazingly on the core and thigh muscles. You need no dumbells or equipment to tone your lower body muscles if you do this move religiously. Stand straight with legs parted to hips-width. Clasp your haps at your chest and take one step sidewise and lunge down. Keep taking steps to sidewise and lunge down equally towards both the side.


Hence, these are the moves involving body weight which can get you strength in the quads muscles without any doubt. If you have no access to a gym nearby and you do not want to compromise on achieving your fitness goals, then the above-listed tips can be of great help to you.

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