Cheapest & Safest place to live in the world

Cheapest and safest place to live in the world

These days all you can see are expensive cities filled up with pollution. These places do promise you to give a high standard of living, but on the other hand, it does make a compromise with your safety. It’s never easy to find a perfect and safe place to be. Comfort these days is all about money. The more you spend, the better and safer it gets and vice versa. In this article, we will be talking about the ten cheapest and safest places to live in the world.

10 Best Cheapest and safest place to live in the world

1. Panama


Here to top our list is Panama, a warm and tropical place to be. The place is fantastic with its natural beauties. Most of the people can speak English out there, and the currency is the US dollar. Panama is located far away from the dangerous hurricane belt, so it is one of the world’s safest places. Panama is famous for its beautiful beaches, mountains, valleys, and it’s perfect place to be. The place is very cheap; you can have a natural family living over the place on a monthly budget of less than $1700. If you are single, you can even have lower budgets, making it one of Earth’s cheapest places to live.

2. Portugal


You cannot leave the place that was ranked 3rd on the Global Peace Index. Any chance if you want to explore the best of Western Europe at a minimal price, Portugal is the place for you to be. The public transport and housing rates are amazingly low. Portugal hosts many of the well-known universities and colleges providing excellence in education in different streams. This point makes it a good place for students to study. Most people do know English so communication is also very easy. On a fun fact, you will be spending the most on wines, so beware.



The Czech Republic is considered one of the cheapest places on Earth to live. You can have a living cost as low as $850. The place is known for its ancient and historical perseverance. You can find thousands of forts dispersed over the place. It is a great hub for studying, so it attracts students in bulk. You will love to stay in the Czech if you are a history lover. It ranked at the 10th position on the Global Peace Index; hence you cannot question this place’s safety. 

4. Mexico


Surprise to see Mexico in this list? People don’t realize this fact, but Mexico is so Cheap to live in that it provides living for a couple with a price as low as $1500. Are you thinking of driving to Mexico on the first move now? Truly speaking, you should do it. The place is all about its beautiful culture and positive environment. Mexico is located in such a place that you can’t even complain about the weather. It always remains warm and soothing due to its geographical location on the other side, who has not been a fan of Mexican food and drinks, so probably a great place to be.



This place has always been under the shadow, and this is the main secret it is in our list of cheap and safest places to live in the world. Slovenia provides a majestic experience with natural scenes and beauty. You can have a clear look at the Alps without much spending and struggle as you have to do in France or Switzerland. The place comes under the top 10 of the Global Peace Index so that you can be assured of safety with the place. The spot is perfect for ski lovers and provides living at low-cost rates of $1500 per month.



Malaysia comes under the charts of countries with the least crime rates in the world. Malaysia is an entirely new world and can be very different from its culture. It provides excellent educational and health facilities with low fee charges. You get warm weather everywhere, and the people of Malaysia are very welcoming. Can you even imagine that the average cost of living in a single bedroom apartment is as low as $200 in Malaysia? Being a student in this country can be very interesting, and you can learn a lot from these people.



If you are ready to move your feet on the Dance Floor with some Tango beats, then Uruguay welcomes you. One of the smallest countries of Southern America is a host to some beautiful beaches with astonishing scenery. The place is a very friendly one, and people always have loved to welcome foreigners. You will find immense peace and pure positive vibes out there. It is among the safest places in Latin America. Most people enjoy Uruguay’s renting system that is relatively cheap, and one finds living there a great opportunity.



 Do you want a cheap place to surf, play, and have a fun time around? Then grab your bags and head towards Costa Rica. The environment is fairly safe, but the most exciting feature is its cheap rate facilities. Most of the rents do range around $500 in Costa Rica. People are all about crazy partying and other such stuff. You get a blend of a healthy environment, a loving climate, and brilliant health care out there. The budget is very fair enough for any tourist in Costa Rica.



This one is a place where you can feel peace in the air surrounding you. Vietnam has a huge influence of Buddhism over the place, and you can witness the rich traditional and cultural significance of the religion out there. It ranks in a good position over the global peace index. Buddhism has a great impact on this place, and hence people follow the art of giving and principles of Buddha up to a great extent. This makes it on the list of safest places in the world. Vietnam is one of the developing places, so it can offer you good job opportunities. The average cost of living in Vietnam is $1000.

10. Colombia


The last place on our list itself is a rising giant in South America. No other place has been better than Columbia when you talk of natural sceneries. In the recent few years, it has got the designation of one of the cheapest places to be in the entire world. The currency US dollar is widely in use, and people love how they are treated out there. You can have lunch at a rate of $4. You can’t expect things to get cheaper


In the above article, we did mention some of the cheapest and safest places to be in the world. Cheap places never mean a cheap value as all these spots are great with nature and other such gifts. These places are the best escapes you can find from your hectic and busy life.      

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