Cucumber Lemon Ginger Detox Water Recipe

Detox water is nothing else but fruit flavours infused in water, and it is one of the most refreshing and easiest recipes to try at home. Sometimes the detox water also contains vegetable flavours to give you something different from the normal one. All you need is a combination of your favourite fruits, vegetables and some fresh herb to make this simple natural drink. Here in this article we will be discussing a recipe for making cucumber lemon ginger Detox. It is an excellent and refreshing recipe, and the main advantage in making the recipes is its simplicity while cooking. It’s straightforward to make, and hence anyone can try it. The water detox which we are going to make is very healthy and has many benefits.

How to make this particular recipe?

The best part of this drink is its freshness and the herbs used will boost your mood. You can get the sweet and fresh mint flavours in the drink. The brilliant blend is amazing, and it’s worth experiencing. There are some tricks and tips which can make your work easier and one can enjoy the drink.

Before making anything and trying out, you must come to know why this water detox is healthy and beneficial.

The main components of the drink are lemon, cucumber and ginger. All of them are having their own specialities, and this makes the drink special. The components can help you with keeping your skin healthy. Lemon can help you with healing, and hence your skin tone, and complexion can improve. Ginger is a natural immunity booster and will help you to protect yourself from different bacteria and viruses. Cucumber is one of the best garnishes you can ever get, and it makes the drink even better.

When should one use it for the best texture and profit?

The fruits and vegetables which you are going to dip in the water can help you to infuse their flavours for not more than 12 hours and keeping it for more than this time limit can take you in a bit of trouble. The harsh and bitter taste of the peel starts coming into the water, which can be very unpleasant. The water detox can lose its freshness and moreover such a drink can be unhealthy, hence keep a strict note on this. When we talk of storing these drinks, you get an option of storing it in refrigerators for more than three days in a refrigerator. It remains good, and if you want to refresh the drink to the state where you made it, you can use healthy fresh herbs like mint. Even when you take the stored drink for serving it to your guests, you can garnish it with different fresh fruits and herbs.

How much should I consume every day?

It completely depends on you. The important fact you should know here is the brilliance of the drink. It is nothing more than water mixed with some fruit or vegetable flavours. Most of the people like to consume it after each meal. That gives you three times a day. But on the other side, what harm could drinking water do to your body. It will rehydrate you and give you some important additions in the form of minerals and vitamins. Fruits such as lemon are very citrus and can be a rich source of vitamin C. This drink can help you with digestive problems; hence it’s always great to have a water detox. Even if the intake is six times a day, it is very healthy, but keep things under the limit to get maximum of it.

What can lemon in the composition do?

Lemon is a great source of many rich vitamins and other minerals. The most amazing benefit of using lemon is burning fat in a very efficient manner. Lemon is one of the most citrus fruits and is rich in healthy contents. Lemon, when used with a little warm water, can boost your metabolism to a different level. There are very other features which one can have a look upon for using lemon in their drink. It can hydrate your skin and cure you up though the fact that lemon can reduce the fats in your body as what exactly can hit and demolish adipose cells. Lemon even can help you with metabolism as the acids in it can help you with improving the overall body performance.

Every constituent has its own value. But what exactly?

Cucumber- it is all about hydration. Most of the weight in the vegetable is due to water. Cucumber has great ionic minerals contents, and this makes it a very refreshing addition. It also has many other anti-inflammatory properties and hence is great to garnish.

Mint- This is kind of the best ingredient if you want a refreshing drink. Mint is the most interesting herb you can have in a water detox. The herb can be very useful for people who face the problem of indigestion and stomach related problems. At the last mint gives you three additions to your skin, they are the sweet taste, refreshing and a tinge of sourness.

Lemon- It is the most important constituent, and the main taste is a major component to the Detox. Lemon has a high amount of citric acid, and hence it can easily neutralize the alkalinity of the digestive system of our body. It is very beneficial for skin and helps a lot with different allergies and skin diseases.

Ginger- Ginger is an excellent vegetable that can help you with solving problems such as nausea. Ginger is having a good amount of acids that can make the blood sugar level normal in no time. Also, it has its different and harsh taste which adds another flavour to your water detox.

Coming to the main recipe

Moreover, it is a very simple drink to prepare. All you will need is-

·         Ice cold water. It is recommended for using this as it will help you to get the maximum flavour. On a note using cold water will give you a more distinct taste. This gives you an option of instant serving.

·         An inch of freshly picked ginger– the more you go with fresh components, the more you have a healthy drink to consume. Fresh ginger will have good juice which will enrich your juice.

·         One lemon- here comes the king of the drink. Try to squeeze the lemon up to the extent that all its fibrils get separated so that you can get the maximum out of it.

·         One cucumber- the drink is incomplete due to the perfect garnish. You can’t risk using an old picked one as the water content becomes degraded, and it can give a foul taste.

·         Four picked mint springs– Mint will give you a completely different taste. But be aware of the fact to use mints in a limit. Using too much mint will make the water full of bitterness, and you clearly don’t want it.

How to proceed?

Peel off the ginger and make it into halves according to the container you will be using. Cut the lemon into half and if possible, get the seeds out. It will create an even better experience. You can slice up the cucumber and even take the seeds out. Now take the chilled water and add all the ingredients to the jar. You have to add the mint leaves at last for the best taste. You can even leave it for 3-4 hours or can even refrigerate it overnight.


keep it in jar to store and refrigerate

A Cucumber Lemon Ginger Detox Water is one among the best recipes you can try in summers. It will rehydrate you and will help your skin healthy. It is a very quick recipe, and all the ingredients are very easily available. Even it is cost-effective, so no need to buy expensive things, all over a must-try drink.

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