How to Fix Battery Plugged in not Charging Windows 10?

An elegant up-gradations in the electronics world is a crucial practice that each user has to follow to pave their way of utility. And to update your window in a timely manner: is one of them. In this course, sometimes, we (as users) come across the problem when our PC goes down charging even after plugged-in consent. 

It’s a homely issue when a user upgrades the window to 10. It is hassling for users who incur. Isn’t it? So, let’s run down to find ‘why the battery plugged in, not charging in window 10?

Since there can be various aspects behind this vague incursion, I’m going to enumerate each aspect along with the solution. 

1. Mains source:

Before delving into details, the user should oversee the mains source lest we do further critical practices barring the mains supply. I know this is a silly mistake that we seldom make in the nick of time. Besides, the power cord is working should be taken into account to ensure adequate supply. 

2. Check Charging Port of the System:

A banal reason behind ‘battery plugged in not charging after windows 10 update’ can be — due to port mal-functioning. Furthermore, it counts some dirt in — that staves off charging through the port. Thus, check and clean up your system regularly to augment its working life. Together with, always sustain a fixed working posture for your PC to maintain inner construction durable. Not to mention, it makes bottom-fans less congested, which prevents it from overheating.

3. BIOS and Chipset Updates:

In today’s world, digital media, every day, is rolling out a new feature that obliges a user to update their system: accrue. A wide range of brands (Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Toshiba) are supposed to buff up their features to outdo in the competition. That’s why it becomes crucial to accept and update. However, if we (as users) don’t believe in such updates. Many such problems –

  1. battery plugged in not charging Windows 10 Dell,
  2. battery plugged in not charging Windows 10 Lenovo,
  3. battery plugged in not charging Windows 10 Acer,
  4. battery plugged in not charging Windows 10 Asus,
  5. battery plugged in not charging Windows 10 Toshiba — come up with various brands. Hence, stipulate BIOS and Chipset updates timely to resolve battery-charging irregular difficulties.

4. Shut off for a few seconds:

A rational rest eases up the processor of the system (laptop or computer) that can ratchet up the performance of the system. It can be done by holding down the ‘Power’ button for 15-25 seconds that shuts down the PC. Then restart it and feel the unusual change.

5. Detach all the peripheral devices:

Much use of peripheral devices (Mouse, Printer, Scanner, speaker, etc.) can diminish battery competency. Therefore, phasing out all extra devices can offload the battery that certainly helps to pin down the battery’s accurate status.

6. Carry Out Window 10 Battery Diagnosis:

Here, we go through battery diagnosis to hurdle battery-related issues. In which the computer system catches on the battery’s malfunctions to abstract the cause.

Further, move to settings and recognize the battery-realm to start diagnosis. In maximum cases, the battery becomes overheated that exterminates its utmost effort to electrify. Henceforth, always try to skive off the deep mal-approaches inside your lithium battery (Battery used in laptops and mobile phones).

7. Uninstall Battery Driver:

When we catch up on software and settings in our system. Some previous settings ultimately confound its workability. Afterward, many such collaterals meddle with an operator. Hence, always muse over existing-drivers at least once as and when you upgrade the system.

For instance, sometimes battery older drivers impede battery charging after window up-gradation to 10. In this event, the user needs to uninstall the previous driver under Device Manager. An important thing to know after uninstalling the battery-driver you don’t get the need to install any other driver, or rather the system automatically reinstalls it as soon as the user restarts. However, if your system stuffs the installation up for the updated driver — follow the 4th step.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to ‘Device Manager’ by typing it on the search bar.

 Step 2: Click on Microsoft ACPI-Compliance Control Method Battery and uninstall it. We can uninstall it in two different ways.

By clicking on Microsoft ACPI-Compliance Control Method Battery

By doing left-click on the same-

Step 3: Now, choose the tap ‘Action‘ and scan hardware changes.

Step 4: Here again, make a click (left) on the ‘Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery’ and allow further process by clicking on the ‘Update Driver Software’ option

8. Watch over the background activity:

On many occasions, it got around that ‘battery is not charging or battery is charging slow’ because of background activities. These activities are — spontaneously activated apps and updates that slacks off the battery performance. However, you can change the settings and deactivate apps as per your requirement that will inevitably help you.

In further steps, you need to go into the background app in the system settings then toggle off those apps you don’t need.

All the more, you can discern the app — consuming much power on battery mode. In Battery settings. System > Battery > Battery usage by app.

9. Use Another Adapter:

Sometimes, an incompetent (out-of-order device) creates unpleasant results. Likewise, if your adapter is not accomplishing its intended work; then, all the secondary practices turn out to be redundant duly. Hence, to make a squib deal clench a competent source (charger).

10. Replace Battery Module:

If you don’t perceive a notable improvement. In that case, you should even replace the battery module. That allows for contacting your laptop service center to overhaul the laptop stably. Although it can be expensive, up to some extent, it will brace you for the long-run. Sometimes, you may have to change the charger of the laptop instead of the battery. So be cagey!

Hopefully, these simple tricks will help you in ‘how to fix battery plugged in not charging windows 10?’ and knowing the battery is plugged in but not charging windows 10 provided you follow these talks adequately. Give us feedback on the aspect that helped you out. And, let us know if you have any doubt!

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