Best Girly Tattoo Designs

The tattoo is body art. It is a kind of Art through which a person can express their thoughts through the body. Nowadays, it is a very popular trend among youngsters, especially among females. And unlike Lipstick or Outfits, Tattoo is very personal and meaningful. Some females get inked for trends, some for new experiences, some hold their meaning behind the tattoos. There are plenty of Tattoo Ideas for feminine tattoos like butterfly tattoo, flying bird tattoo, lotus tattoo, sun and moon tattoo, dreamcatcher tattoo, bow and arrow tattoo etc. And if you know the meaning behind them, then it definitely reflects your strong personality and your style. If you’re planning to get inked this year and bring positivity in your life, then there are 40 Best girly Tattoo designs with their meaning you must check out and try on: 

40 Best Girly Tattoo Designs

  • Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly symbolizes Freedom, Beauty and Change. Butterfly tattoos are very common and popular among women. A butterfly represents the transformation in a women’s life.

  • Lotus Tattoo for Girls

Lotus Flower represents personal growth. It is a sign of purity and rebirth. If you connect with these meaning then this is the best options for girls. You can get a detailed tattoo or just an outline tattoo.

  • Bow and Arrow Tattoo

Bow and Arrow is a symbol of humankind. Bow and Arrow tattoo also symbolize strength, power, Sagittarius- a zodiac sign or a sense of direction.

  • Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Dreamcatchers are meant to protect people from bad dreams. It means getting rid of negative energy. Some people get it tattooed for its meaning while others will just do it because of its looking.

  • Birds Tattoo

Birds represents freedom and courage. Birds tattoos are famous among girls and males too. Flying Bird Tattoo reminds you that you are free from restriction and you can live your life the way you want to.

  • Moon Tattoo

Moon tattoo is very popular among females. It is a symbol of female power, growth, creativity and transition. Each phase of moon has its own meaning.

  • Universal Truth or Your Favourite Quote

Getting Inked your favorite quote or universal truth is a popular trend among females. You can choose a quote of your choice and show to the tattoo artist, select your font style, and get tatted.

  • Musical Signs Tattoo

Musical Signs Tattoo is the most common tattoos. There are different types of musical tattoos like cassette tapes tattoo, your favorite instrument tattoo, and so on. And every design of the tattoo has its meaning.

  • Zodiac Sign Tattoo

If you believe in astrology then Zodiac tattoos are perfect for you. You can get a tattoo of your Zodiac sign.

  • Dove Tattoo

Dove Tattoo is a symbol of victory, love, and peace. Dove represents a fresh start and new beginnings. That’s why it is one of the most common tattoos among females.

  • A Letter Tattoo

A Letter Tattoo is a great Idea for someone who wants small tattoos. You can get Inked your favourite letter or your name’s first letter.

  • Queen of Clubs Tattoo

Cards symbols are the latest trend among girls to get Inked. The queen of clubs is a popular sign because it symbolizes positivity.

  • Lion Tattoo

Lion Tattoo represents loyalty, strong will and courage. It is one of the famous and most popular tattoos among girls.

  • Tribal Sun Tattoo

Tribal Sun Tattoo represents strength, endurance and transformation. You can get a detailed tattoo or just an outline, its your choice.

  • Heart Shape Tattoo

Heart Shape Tattoo is the cute tattoo for girls or women. You can get it Inked to show your love towards your relationship.

  • Cross Tattoo

Crosses are one of the famous designs among women’s and men. Cross Tattoos represents the faith of Christian people in Jesus.

  • Heena Style Tattoo

Heena style tattoo originate in India and it is temporary art but some people get it Inked as permanent tattoo.

  • Rose Tattoo

Rose flower represents love and beaty. Rose tattoo design is the most common and popular among females.

  • Figure design Tattoo

Figure design tattoo is a trend nowadays. Small symbols on the figure looks cute as a tattoo. You can get Inked your favourite design or symbol.

  • Dandelion Tattoo

Dandelion has become the most popular tattoo to get Inked among females. You can get it on forearms or on legs.

  • Bat Tattoo

Apart from bird, bat tattoos are the most popular tattoo among women. They become more popular after some bat movies.

  • Guitar Tattoo

If you’re a guitar lover or you love to listen live music then this is the best choice of tattoo for you.

  • Paw Prints Tattoo

If you’re a pet lover or if you want to remember your pet always who have passed away then small paw prints tattoos are the best choice.

  • Birds in a Branch Tattoo

Love Birds sitting on a branch is a most amazing design for a small and cute tattoo.

  • Mountain Tattoo

Are you a mountain lover or are you interested in trekking?? So mountain tattoos are the best choice for you.

  • Heart Rate Tattoo

Heart Rate Tattoo is a symbol of a Heart beat. It is a reminder to live the life fullest. And that’s why it is a best choice to get tatted.

  • Pineapple Tattoo

Pineapple is a symbol of warmth, welcome and hospitality. It is a best choice to get Inked.

  • Lemon Tattoo

Yellow colour of lemon symbolizes a sun, and a happiness. Lemon tattoo reminds you to stay positive in life.

  • Diamond Tattoo

Diamond tattoo represents strength, purity, love, forever and so on. If you want a small and simple design then this is the best choice.

  • Rabbit Tattoo

Rabbit symbolizes rebirth, luck and prosperity. Bunny are the most adorable animal and looks so good as a tattoo.

  • Eye Tattoo

Eye Tattoo represents omnipresent eye of god watching over humankind. It is one of the popular tattoos.

  • Feather Tattoo

Feather Tattoos are used to show freedom like a Bird. It represents luck and birth.

  • Asterisk Tattoo

Asterisk tattoo represents revolution of time and stars and it is the natural way of progress.

  • Cherry Tattoo

Cherry tattoo represents the innocence and purity of a woman. It is one of the most popular tattoos among girls.

  • Warrior Tattoo

Warrior tattoo represents a desire to focus on aspiration and a reminder of goals.

  • Star Tattoo

Star Tattoo are very common among girls or women. It is a symbol of protection, guidance or and good luck.

  • Dragon Tattoo

Dragon Tattoos represent strength, wisdom and prosperity. It is a common tattoo for females and males.

  • Lord Krishna Tattoo

A lord Krishna Tattoo represents love, life and death. This tattoo holds a deeper meaning than just a tattoo.

  • Wings Tattoo

Wings tattoo represents the love of freedom and movement. It gives you a constant reminder of your ability to overcome fear.

  • Your Partners Name Tattoo

You can get Inked yours partner name as sign of love. It is one of the most common tattoo designs among females.

Final Talk :

So, these are the most famous tattoo designs with their meanings that are trending among today’s young generation. You can opt for personalize tattoos too, they will help you remind you of your constant goal. So, go get inked with your favorite ink. Happy inking!!

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