Apple Sauce and It’s Health Benefits

what is apple sauce

A lip-smacking and mouth devouring sauce that can make you go crazy for the tangy and sweet flavor.

When I hear the word apple sauce, the first thing that comes to my mind is, where are my toasts? I love apple sauce and can have it with anything that comes around or can fill a spoonful and let my mind play with the flavors with a soothing aroma that melts away.

Yes!! By now, you must have understood how big a foodie I am, but jokes apart, do you know how much beneficial this apple sauce is for your health? No!! then let us discuss the apple sauce today and get to know about the yummy thing in detail.

Let us begin with our journey about the different important things about apple sauce and also try to make it at home and give the best thing to the kids. They are surely going to love this sauce and you will also love to prepare the same.

What Is Apple Sauce?

Ohh!! Is it true that many of you do not know what apple sauce is? Need not to feel shy as this article will guide you with everything related to the same. I remember when my mom used to boil apples in a pressure cooker and make the sauce for me. I would sit all day long and just lick it from the jar, and she used to be so happy that I had a stomach full that day.

Apple sauce is one of the first foods that are introduced to the baby. It is apples that are boiled, peeled, and blend with sugar and cinnamon. People also add cardamoms to it for that extra aroma. I being an experiment lover, also add some mint leaves to give it a different taste. The result that comes out is a puree that you just cannot stop eating. It can be enjoyed with the bread of all forms.

It is also one of the cheapest food items to prepare at your home and let your kids enjoy the best. If you think that your child is not so fond of sweet flavors, you can also add a bit of cumin powder and rock salt and sugar to give it a tangy taste.

Apples are one of the best fruits available to us, and whether you eat them raw or make them a puree and intake, they will be your best companions. Apples are rich in vitamin C and fiber and hence a powerhouse of energy that everyone needs. Apple sauce is the best thing you can enjoy in the breakfast and give a great kickstart to your day.

From where did the apple sauce came into existence

Ohh!! Please tell me the name of the saint, and I will bless him day and night. Jokes apart, but the person who invested apple sauce did it by mistake.

It is said that once a farmer had a lot of rotten apples in his barn. He did not know what to do with them and thought of boiling them and making vine. He cooked them, and then after adding sugar, he just mixed them with a spoon and got a thick puree. Thinking that he has failed, he tried one spoon, and after finding what a miracle he has done, he offered the same to his family.

This was the story that my mother used to tell me about apple sauce and I. being the mother, carried on with the legacy, and told my kid the same, and they love to hog on to the sauce.

Health benefits of Apple Sauce

We have been listening to the saying from childhood, and it is true, too, as the fruit has endless benefits and offers blessed and good health. Applesare said to have plenty of vitamin C and fiber in them. They also contain a lot of potassium and hence are called the lighthouse to boost your body with everything it needs. Let us discuss about some major health benefits that apple sauce can offer to us:

It helps in improving the digestion system of your body

Probably you know dietary fibers are fantastic for a healthy digestive system. Apples are fiber-rich, and so is apple sauce. There is virtually no difference between the quantity of fiber in a raw apple and the amount in apple sauce-around 3 g per cup.

An excellent product for kids

If you have a baby who is all set to get his hands on the food products, then you must give him apple sauce as his first meal. Apple sauce represents a significant boost in energy for busy children. The extra sugars in apple sauce can be handled by active children and have a relatively low sugar diet as they become used up as energy. The difference between your kid feeling tired or having a great day could be a pouch or tub of apple sauce in a lunchbox or the car. Plus, you know their immune system is getting a good boost of vitamin C too great.

Offers more calories 

Wait, how good is this? Well, if you’re on the go or are very active, the extra calories found in apple sauce may be required. That’s why apple sauce makes a great snack, which boosts energy. But if you’re trying to limit your calorie intake instead, go for the fresh apple.

What can you try with apple sauce?

Here comes the best part. Just get the apple sauce ready, and there is nothing that you cannot do with it. The best part is that you can enjoy it as much as you want, just make sure that you do not increase your bowel movements.

Apple sauce on its own is delicious but is also a key ingredient in some classic dishes. You can try out some ideas in your kitchen here.

  • Add apple flavor to any recipe for muffins or cake
  • Who needs butter or jam when you have the heavenly apple sauce with you.
  • For sweetness and texture, add apple sauce to baked potato toppings
  • Use apple sauce as a glaze on meats like pork
  • Give your pancakes a new look and taste with the finger-licking apple sauce
  • Add moisture and a half cup of apple sauce to a meatloaf

How to make apple sauce?

Now that you have had enough about apple sauce, its benefits, and everything else, I know you must be looking out for the same recipe. Right? Then you must read on and get to know how this delicious and mouth devouring sauce can be prepared at home.

The best apples are the softer, less crisp type for apple sauce. That is because they break down more quickly, making apple sauce smoother. Try Golden Delicious or Fuji apples for a very sweet apple sauce. Use the varieties Braeburn, Liberty, or Rome for a touch of tartness. Mix and match for a taste of your favorite apple sauce.

Now that you are all set, let’s get going:

Set aside the apples for some time as all of these apples will require good coring and peeling. You can use either a knife or an apple coring tool. Cut the peeled and cored apples and either put them in a pan with a splash of water or a crockpot on the stovetop.

Adventurous chefs may want to add some additional flavors at this stage. Popular apple sauce flavors include:

  • Lemon juice
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar
  • Honey
  • Cumin, prefer if you can get roasted one

You need to make sure that the apples turn soft and can be turned into a paste just by your hand. Do not put sugar or anything else till the time your apples are ready. The majority of apples are sweet enough with no added sugar. Apple sauce can be kept for a week in the refrigerator if covered or up to 6 months in portions in the freezer.

Make sure to make loads of it as your kids will love it and are going to ask for more definitely.


This was all about the apple sauce. It is a simple thing yet can be used is several ways. The apple sauce tastes great and has a lot of health benefits. All you need to do is to get going and make a jar full and place it on your dining table and enjoy it getting finished it a short time.

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