How to Make 10 Dollars Fast

How to Make 10 Dollars Fast

Getting 10 extra dollars is something no one would mind! Even a little extra money cannot be resisted by anyone, especially if comes from a source that demands very less time or effort. There are many easy ways to make money. Different ways together combined can surely give considerable money in your hand at the end of the day. So, if you have some extra time, why not invest it in some activity that could you fetch you some money? With so many opportunities present, especially in the online world, there are some legit ways that you could try your hand in. Since there are so many options, you can choose the ones you like, as per your involvements. So, are you excited to make some money?

The 10 quickest ways to make 10 dollars

1. Clean up your House

Every house has something or the other which is lying idle or just some extra stuff. It could be some clothes, some gadgets or books, musical instruments. It could even be your treadmill that you once bought with so many aspirations but never used! It can also be as small a thing as a pencil set or your unused crayons. If the thing is leading a dormant life inside your house, how about selling it to someone who might need it? There are many online platforms like Olx or Kijiji, that serve as a contact between the buyer and the seller. This way you can clean up your house and earn some money as well!

2. Earn through Cash-Backs

The time has come when you should actually restrict paying cash physically. Making online payments is not only more convenient for both the parties, but also acts as an earning opportunity. With so many apps in the market, every app wants to build a wide customer base. For this, every other app provides cashback rewards whenever you make or receive a payment. So, what’s the problem? You can make the payment sitting in the comfort of your home and earn! What could be better than this? There are many apps like Paytm or google pay which provides instant cashback in your account whenever the payment is made. So, what’s stopping you?

3. Freelancing

This is one of the most common options adopted by people who wish to earn some money from an extra source. It requires very basic skills like good writing abilities, basics of Microsoft Office or a little knowledge of videography and photography. There are so many freelancing sites that do not demand a lot of time. Basic tasks like writing for a blog or designing a poster etc. are expected to be performed. The payment per work done varies from around 5 dollars to even thousands of them. All you have to do is show your commitment and do your best in order to get a good amount of payment.

4. Make your Steps Count

Yes, you can also earn money by walking! There are many apps like Sweat Coins which keeps a record of the number of steps taken each day. The sweatcoins earned can be enchased or used to purchase other stuff directly from the app itself. This app does not just provide an easy way to make money but at the same time ensures that you are physically active. A person walks at least 2000-3000 steps in the daily routine. So, why not convert those steps into money? Just keep your phone in your pocket and start your walking journey!

5. Mystery Shopper Technique

There are many companies that want you to give feedback on their products. The feedback providers even get paid! And the best part is that even you could be that person testing out new food dishes or other services. What’s better than getting paid to eat free food and trying out free clothes and other accessories? There are many sites like Trend Source, Secret Hopper etc. which promote mystery shopping. You could join any one them and get paid for testing out any new product or service! A mystery shopper can earn around 10 to 50 dollars for each feedback.

6. Deliver Food

Online food deliveries have gained ground ever since popular apps like swiggy and zomato have come up. This could be an opportunity for you to earn some extra money. All you need is a vehicle and you are all set to earn a good amount of money. You can do it as a part-time job and you will earn a handsome amount. And don’t forget the best part– you get to travel around the city! These food or grocery delivery apps pay as much as 10-20 dollars per hour. All you need is some time off your schedule and a driving license!

7. Refer Apps to Friends

There are many payment apps, say Google Pay that pays you and your friend for each invite sent and received. Isn’t it great? These are paid in the form of referral coins that get converted into cash and are directly credited to your and your friend’s bank account. Some apps pay as high as 50 dollars for inviting one friend. Could there be an easier way to earn money? This way, you and your friend could combine your earnings and go shopping! You could even create a whole gang and combine your earnings to conduct a grand party!

8. Room Renting

Have a spare room in your house? Even one spare room could help you earn as many as 500 dollars! Apps like Airbnb allow you to rent the extra room of your house to guests. All you have to ensure is that the room must have basic furniture and amenities. And if it is spacious, nothing could be better! If you are sceptical about lending out your room to strangers, you don’t have to. These apps assure that the guests have a good profile. In case, there is some mishappening, the site provides a comprehensive insurance plan. So, there’s no need to hesitate. If you have a spare room, just rent it out and earn!

9. Plasma Donation

By donating blood or plasma, you not only do a good deed but also get an opportunity to be paid. Not all organisations pay, however, there are some. And if you have one in your area, you could donate blood and plasma. More than the money you get, it will be the satisfaction at the end that will make you feel happy. Think about someone who could get his/her life saved because of your contribution. There could be no better feeling! Donating plasma or blood can help you earn even more than $10, depending upon the policy of the organisation.

10. Earn by Babysitting Dogs

Babysitting is not just restricted to handling babies. Even pups and dogs fall in the same category. By joining Rover, you could earn money by walking and babysitting dogs in your spare time. This is the perfect way to earn some quick money if you are obsessed with dogs! So, even if you don’t own a dog, you can gain the same pleasure walking around someone else’s dog. At the same time, you can also save up the money you earn and buy your own dog in the future! A two-way sword, isn’t it? You must try out this option if you are a dog lover!


These were some quick and easy ways to earn some extra money. You should keep in mind that no amount earned is small. Try considering these easy alternatives and fasten your seatbelt as you begin your journey of becoming rich!

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