Amazing Signs That You’re Married to a Controlling Wife

Amazing Signs That You’re Married to a Controlling Wife

10 Amazing Signs That You’re Married to a Controlling Wife

1. Excessive Jealousy

Jealousy to an extent is normal in every relationship but it is a cause of concern if it exceeds a certain limit. Being too jealous and paranoid can become a habit which might increase the chances of your wife establishing control over everything you do. Even small things like hanging out with a group of friends having a few women can trouble them. Being so paranoid and frequent alerts can cause disturbances and trust issues in the relationship. If your wife constantly tells you to change the group of friends you hang out with, it can be a sign that she is controlling you and your choices in a way.

2. Criticism Everywhere

Criticizing at every point can be a little worrisome. Wives become controlling if they criticize you in every decision you make including daily choices of say, what clothes you wear or what you eat. Some criticism is fine but when your wife leaves no opportunity to criticize you, this is when you should be concerned. Everyone has their choices and it is the responsibility of the spouse to let their partner be free in whatever decisions they make. Constant interference and criticism can act as an acid in the relationship. Thus, too much of criticism totally reflects a controlling nature of your wife.

3. Using Threats as a Tool

In order to become more influential, your wife might end up giving you threats of one kind or the other every new day. Threats do not always refer to physical threats. Even mental or emotional thoughts can be regarded as threats to the relationship. For instance, continuing to give threats like divorcing or taking other such actions can cause disturbances in the relationship. If your wife gives you such threats every now and them, this can be a hint that she is trying to control you by appealing to your emotions.

4. Isolation from your Family and Friends

Controlling wives are very insecure about the husband maintaining close relations with his family and friends. This is because they fear the fact that the family or friends might end up disclosing how their relationship is being controlled. The dominating wife surely doesn’t want that! So, she always wishes the husband to maintain a distance from their close ones who might pinpoint these little incidents. Does your wife do that too? If yes, this is another sign that your wife is trying to control you.

5. Snooping in your Personal Space

It is true that there should be nothing hidden between two partners for a healthy relationship. But there are some parts of the day you might not be willing to share. Constant snooping to know about each and every detail of each and every incident can be a little annoying. This is not just it! For instance, controlling wives even insist upon conducting regular checks of the husband’s phone. This is something that’s just too much! There is some personal space needed by each person. It can be an alarming situation for the relationship if this is being intruded upon.

6. Making you Earn her Love

A controlling wife never gives anything easily. She makes you earn it, even if it is the smallest of all things. It can be getting good treatment like a romantic chat or good food or even making love. If she treats you nicely only after you have done something good for her is a trait of a controlling wife. This can lead to a disruption in the healthy relationship. When two people are married, it is the duty of both of them to understand them and treat them with respect at all times. However, a controlling wife always does the opposite by making you earn respect and love from her.

7. Bringing in Past Favours

When two people get together, every action is done out of love and respect. This does not mean that your wife can bring in all the favours done in the past in order to win an argument. This is totally a controlling behaviour on her part. Let’s say she helped you in passing a test or an interview and constantly makes you realise that she helped you, this is the trait a dominating wife carries. Relationships are all about helping each other in times of need and not about just about singing your own praises.

8. Reviving Past Mistakes

Does your wife bring up past incidents whenever you have a fight or something? If she does this all the time and makes you feel guilty, she is not right. Relying on past events to win an argument is something very distorting. You must know that this is the sign of a controlling wife. It is not wise and justified to always just bringing in mistakes done by you in the past to win a mere argument. This simply means that she is trying to attack your mind and revive your guilt, using the same method again and again. You must be aware of this and never let anyone make you feel guilty for the same thing time and again.

9. Too Many Conditions

Love and respect is something every partner deserves from the other. Love should always be unconditional. But this is not the case when it comes to a controlling wife. In order to control your decisions, she would always try to make you earn love by adhering to some terms and conditions. Restrictions in things like maintaining a particular friend circle or not going to a particular place etc. can be a few of the most basic conditions every controlling wife seeks to put up on the husband. You need to beware of your wife does the same!

10. No Alone Time

Marriage makes an auspicious knot between two people but this does not mean that they lose all their freedom. If your wife always wants you to be around her, she is controlling you. There is a private space needed by every person. Some alone time is what everyone expects at some part of the day. If your wife never lets you have that space, it is totally something very alarming. Spending time with your spouse is good but there are times when you need to be alone. Your wife must respect your private needs instead of unnecessarily interfering all the time.


It can be concluded that controlling wives indeed do exist. However, it is not that only wife’s can be controlling. Even the husband can be controlling. Too much control and domination by one person can harm the relationship in the long run. We hope this article was insightful. Now you can take preventive measures to heal your relationship!

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