Best Town and Small Villages toVisit in South Africa

Best Town and Small Villages toVisit in South Africa

South Africa is among the best of the countries, to be in cheap rates and with the best of the facilities. The diverse country is amazing with its unique culture and welcoming people all over the place. You can experience anything from green forests to modern clubs and pubs in South Africa. The main feature of the country is its development and on the same side preservation of its age-old culture in the small towns and villages out there.

Top 10 towns and small villages to visit in South Africa



The seaside village hosts the best sceneries in the country of South Africa. The town is located at just a nearby drive of 25 minutes from the city centre. The locals like to keep the town very attractive and beautiful so you will get a vivid display of art as soon as you enter the tow. There are paintings of fishes, butterflies and many more such things even on the walls of the town. Being here at Kalk Bay feels like being at a wonder where you can get a combination of both, amazing party life with the best of nature.

2. Baberton, Mpumalanga

Baberton, Mpumalanga

If you are a nature lover and want to enjoy the best of the wildlife in South Africa, then this is the place to be. Baberton can provide a glance at some of the most beautiful butterflies you can see in the world. There are more than 350 species in this small town, and all of them are worth watching. You can have a look at the history by a tour of the town. There are many buildings and monuments you can witness here that can give you a glance of the Gold Rush era.



Fond of waterfalls? If yes, then you can’t afford to miss this place out of your list. We agree that one can easily find lots of waterfalls throughout the world. Still, more than 30 waterfalls at one place surrounded by deep forest and supporting vivid wildlife, the chances of finding such beauty are negligible. Even the complete inspiration to the greatest Lord of the Rings Shrine, one of the greatest J.R Tolkien’s classic took inspiration from this place. You can also do fun activities such as bike riding in Hogsback.

4. Clanwilliam, Western Cape

Clanwilliam, Western Cape

 Next in our list is the town of Clanwilliam, Western Cape. It is one of the oldest towns present in South Africa. The monumental beauty and the great walk through the towns’ centre are among the best attractions of the town. The place has seen lots of eras and has seen South Africa growing. You can find it very interesting and beautiful to see how the entire country evolved. Even there is an old jail building which got converted into a museum as a place to visit.



If you want to see a complete change of a town in South Africa then do visit this town. Not long ago it was only a place with few houses with no such tourist interaction, and now you can find fancy restaurants and amazing places to have fun all over the Spot. Even you can find many spots and hotels providing luxurious stays. Moreover, the place is all about having an experience in a small town with all the luxurious and facilities you can get to a big city in South Africa. An exploration is also an option over the place so you can never get bored staying at Swellendam.

6. Clarens, Free State

Clarens, Free State

The town is also known as “Priest of the Eastern Free State” and is located just on the foothills of Maluti Mountains. If you are an artist seeking inspirations and natural beauty for exploration and another such source to inspire you, this can be the perfect spot to be in South Africa. The place is very close to Golden Gate Highlands National Park, which gives you another chance of exploration. In addition, you can have exciting events over the place such as cycling, mount climbing and riding.



Now this is a place to be in South Africa. Once you are there, you cannot leave the place just amazing to be in. From horseback riding to water Diving, every exciting event is possible here. The dense forests of Waterberg can offer you with some excellent safari trips and interesting rides. Even the place has its spots for a romantic evening. All over there is no chance you are going to get bored with being in this town of South Africa. Even if you are looking for a spot with kids, you can go for this location in South Africa.



Being at this place will make you feel like you are in South Africa. You can have some of the most typical scenes out there in this town. A dusky evening where you can see sun setting down far away behind the hills and the fishermen throwing his net on the water are some of these senses and sometimes all you want is the peace these things provide you. Even the living style still involves tortoise huts made of mud and other raw things. It’s a must to visit the location.



 If you want to surf then you get sea out there, if you want to bird watch you get river over the place and if you want to have a picnic time adjust sitting on the banks then you have other water bodies in Chintsa Bay. The Spot gains its attraction because of water bodies; hence if you are a water lover, don’t miss this in your South Africa’s tour.



 Last in our list, is a place which can give the real feeling of being in a village. No good paved roads, no ATM, no street light or other such modern facilities. All you get is the real taste of South African villages. Although some restaurants are serving there nowadays the place is known for its ancient sculpture making art.


We placed the best of South African towns and villages that are must-visit while you have a tour of the country. All these spots would provide you with different experiences, and with different tastes of South Africa. At the last one can never pick the best out of this list, so better to experience them all.

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