How to Unblock/Remove memory card password

How to Unblock/Remove memory card password

There are so many memory cards in the market which enable the feature of blocking the card or setting up password protection on it To make it safe from stealing data by an unknown person. But sometimes people forget their password they applied on the memory card and this is where the trouble started. If you don’t remember your password then the only option remain is to remove the protected password to use your memory card to get the original data safely. Let’s have a quick look over their wife different methods off and locking or removing a memory card password to get your data back.

Best methods to remove your memory card password

Method 1. Use your Pc to remove SD card password.

If you have a PC or laptop, then you can easily remove your SD card password by following the simple process. One more important thing is that you should also have android mobile by which you will connect your phone with the laptop to remove the SD card password. Follow these simple steps to get your work done.

Step 1. You need to go Put the file manager app in your android smartphone.

Step 2. Go to the system folders in your file manager where you will find a file which is named as ‘store’.

Step 3. You need to transfer this file to your PC or laptop in some way or other. If you are not able to transfer this file directly by the help of cable, then you can use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or any application like a lender.

Step 4. Open the transferred file in the notepad and then you will be able to see the password written in the notepad.

All the android devices which are compatible informing ‘store’ file are capable of doing such process to remove or unlock memory card password.

Method 2. Unblock memory card by using the software

To retrieve your memory card password by using the software in the PC, we need to follow these few steps by which A third party software of the PC will help you to unblock your memory card. All you need is a PC and your memory card. The process will be done on the laptop.

Step 1. Take your memory card out of the mobile and then connect it to the laptop. Please make sure that your PC has the latest software and it is running on the Windows operating system. Once you confirm this then Go on the second step.

Step 2. If you can see the memory card drive on my computer, then you can perform the further function. It is very necessary to take the computer to detect the memory card you in settings. If your memory card is unable to detect by the computer, then you can re-insert the memory card in the SD card slot.

Step 3. Now right click on the memory card drive and then click on the format. Once you format your SD card, your memory card will not ask for the password from next time.

Method 3. Recover memory card password using the phone

If you do not have any laptop or personal computer, then you don’t need to worry because we have another option of recovering your memory card password using a normal smartphone only. All you need is the internet connection on your mobile phone so that you can download an application. Follow these simple steps to recover your memory card passport from a mobile phone.

Step 1. You need to download x-plore in the smartphone by which you can recover the password of the memory card.

Step 2. After inserting the memory card in the smartphone you need to open the X-plore. After this, you need to make sure that you have already marked ‘show the system files’.

Step 3. Now you need to go to C:/Sys/Data and then press option 3 to open the store on the phone.

Step 4. In the third column, you will be able to see a code written between many question marks.

Step 5. Note down all the characters written between the question marks because those characters are your password.

Method 4. Remove protection by using EaseUS tool

If you are not good with the computer programming and managing its working, then don’t worry, You have another option remaining of using a tool which would help you to remove protection of your memory card. There is no need to enter any commands while using these tools. It is so simple to use. The team of this to have introduced all-new kit to resolve the write-protection issue of the SD card.

Step 1. Download and install the EaseUS tool from this website.

Step 2. When you will run this tool on your personal computer, You will be able to see the option of write-protection mode.

Remove protection by using EaseUS tool

Step 3. To move the products, you need to select the disable option of the SD card in that menu. This is how you will be able to remove the write-protection of your SD card.

Method 5. Remove write-protection by using commands

If you are okay with the command prompting in the computer then this is the best method for you. Also if you don’t want to download any of the tool or third-party software from the internet, then you can also use this method. Use of this method is perfectly safe because this doesn’t download any kind of virus from the internet or entertain your computer with any third-party software.

Step 1. Insert your memory card into the computer and then you need to perform ‘attrib cmd’. You need to press Windows+ X keys from the keyboard to choose command prompt (Admin).

Step 2. You need to type Command one by one and then ‘enter’ key after each command. First, you need to write ‘diskpart’ and then you need to write ‘list disc’.

Remove write-protection by using commands

Step 3. After this, you need to select a number of the SD card and then attribute the disc clear read-only. In this way, you will be able to remove the write-protection from the memory card.


  1. Do we need to have SD card-port on the computer?

-Yes, bcz memory card can not be accessed over wifi.

2. What kind of antivirus do we need to protect memory card?

-All the antivirus software are capable to protect your memory card from viruses.

3. What happen to the original data after formatting the SD CARD?

-You will eventually lose all the original data after formatting the memory card.

4. Can we change the password of the card after it gets recover?

-Yes, you can change the password of the card after it gets recovered.


All the above-mentioned methods are very useful and effective to recover your memory card password. There are both professional and normal ways in which you can recover your memory card password. Go through the simple steps mentioned above to resolve the issue.

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