Which country has the most islands

Which country has the most islands

Islands are the small land pieces all surrounded by water bodies. If you are looking for a place for chilling and spending a good vacation time over a place, islands are the best place to be. But which country does have the most number of islands? It is Sweden. Sweden is very much influenced by the amazing culture. All over the place, you can have the wind blowing at high speed due to the tidal motion. The number of islands in Sweden is too high. If you are looking for a place with an objective of finding a location for a romantic place, Sweden is the location to be.

Here are 10 amazing facts about the country which has the most islands-

  1. The islands here are very much famous for their dense forest cover. Sweden has most of its cover, even more than ⅓ of its cover under forest. If you are looking for a place with forest all over this is the place you can visit. Even there are many people owning plantations. These plantations can have economic value since the country is covered with small land pieces of the island so you can see many exotic species in the country.
  2. Sweden in total has land coverage of 447 435 km2. This makes it in the list of the five biggest countries you can see in Europe. On the other hand, since the entire country is very much full of islands, you get a pure display of limited population. The average number of people per square kilometre is very low. This creates a lot of opportunities for people living around.
  3. Moose are the pride of the country. The moose are so much in number over the country that you can make an island out of them. The sad thing about the fact is that these beautiful organisms are killed in good numbers every year just for the sake of humans. The moose is a very clever and huge animal and you witnessing this creature is a sight of beauty.
  4. Not just the place is the best one with islands, but it also has one of the best passports in the entire world. It allows a total of 133 countries to enter without a requirement of an approved visa. You also get an addition to this when you reach the place. It issues an instant visa to the other 33 countries. The passport of Sweden holds its name high in the list of countries with the best passports. So if you like freedom in roaming around and visiting different places easily, Sweden’s passport can help you.
  5. Romance and music are in the air of Sweden. This takes us to our next point that Sweden has the best export of music throughout the world. If you are not familiar with the brand ABBA, then it is highly doubtable that you are not a hardcore music lover. ABBA is a big brand, and people love to enjoy music. So you can visit Sweden if you want to experience a range of music.
  6. Sweden is a place of joy, and it was the first country to ban the smacking of children. Sweden made this as a law in early 1979 to ban beating any child in the schools or even at home. After this, following the law, many other countries have followed the path and banned smacking. People don’t love violence in Sweden, and they like to treat everyone with respect.
  7. The people of Sweden are very generous, and hence this is a point to keep in mind here. As a fact, Sweden, or the country with the most number of islands, is the only country in the world which contributes more than 1 % to the GDP just by its donation. Just imagine how generous the people living in Sweden are. So you can never go out of love and generosity in Sweden. It is the biggest country with such accountability over donations.
  8. Recycling is a beauty. Not everyone in the world has the ability to use waste wisely. When all the other countries in the world are working hard to get rid of waste, Sweden stands the first inefficient recycling. Not just recycling but Sweden is so much efficient in its process that the country exports waste from other countries throughout the world and helps them with recycling. They are giving the world one among the best gifts required in recent times.
  9. If you are looking for a country with the oldest limited country, again you are in the correct place. Falu Koppargruva AB is the oldest company established ever in the limited private sector. It has a shared record which dates back in the year 1288. You can get a preserved certificate of this proof. So not just in money but they are good with rich history also.
  10. Unique freedom to roam is available in the country. You might get confused about what this is. This means you don’t have to pay even a penny to roam or set a tent anywhere in nature. All you need permissions are while visiting some restricted zones like cultivable land and private parks. But you get a relatively more free environment to roam out there.


Here were some of the most amazing facts about the country that has the most number of islands. One can say that Sweden is not just a country that has an enormous number, but it also has thousands of beautiful things to witness. The best thing you can get in the islands of Sweden is the romantic atmosphere and green forest everywhere.

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